Sebastian Maraloiu: Speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

Sebastian Maraloiu

Questo | The City Exploration Game

Case Study: Tourism 2.0 - How Tourism is Changing Thanks to Technology

About Sebastian Maraloiu

Sebastian Maraloiu is one of the top marketing professionals in Europe. Previously the Chief Marketing Officer of Mondly, one of the top language apps in the world with over 40M users, he works with tech startups in different stages to help them reach hundreds of thousands and millions of users.

Sebastian is now the Growth Marketing Manager of Questo, the award-winning city exploration game worldwide that helps tourists and locals discover new places and local stories using their smartphones.

Discover the tech that changes the way locals and travellers spend their leisure time and money. From 24/7 entertainment to interactive experiences, learn how you can create experiences using innovative technology that captivate the younger generations.

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