Vasily Ryzhonkov: Speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

Vasily Ryzhonkov


VR LBE Customer Journeys

About Vasily Ryzhonkov

Founder, CEO of ARena Space VR (Chain of VR Amusement Parks).

Vasily is a business strategy consultant, entrepreneur and researcher. He helps technological startups grow.
In 2016 Vasily founded ARena Space -a network of entertainment digital parks based on interactive technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, projection technologies).
At the moment, the company occupies a leading position in Eastern Europe, conducts international expansion in 2019, the purpose of which is to create a network of 250 parks in 5 years, including its own and franchise parks.

Business ARena Space in addition to the retail network includes a number of projects, such as - distribution platform of attractions and content, Immersive show, international VR tournament. The customer base in 5 years will reach 25 million people annually.

Prior to Arena, Vasily led Mobile tech center at Russian Skolkovo Innovation Center. The focus of the center is development of high-tech projects - from wearables and IoT devices to mobile platforms and apps, from VR/AR technologies to human-machine interfaces.

Understanding VR LBE customers is a major challenge for retail operators; and it goes beyond analyzing data from customer analytics of existing customer bases (as most potential customers still have never experienced VR LBE yet). Different generations, in particular, generation X, millennials and generation Z have different journeys. Still, international VR LBE business requires localized analysis of customer journeys as a key success factor in order to achieve profitability.

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