Connor Marcelis: Speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

Connor Marcelis


Chatzoome the app that gets everyone talking

About Connor Marcelis

Connor’s career in the corporate entertainment field has afforded him the opportunity to help develop this family business with a veritable mix of business acumen and first-hand knowledge of Chatzoome’s target market.

After gaining a British qualification in law, Connor expanded his experience of leisure operations across Europe, then further afield into Thailand, Israel, America, Egypt, and beyond. His hands-on experience of backpacking exposed him to the world of holiday-makers and solo-travellers keen to benefit from Chatzoome’s ice-breaking features. He loves meeting new people, so speaks passionately about the apps’ facility to encourage new friendships and business relationships.

In his own words, Connor explains how this innovative app gives people the opportunity to initiate a conversation – even if they are shy or travelling alone, whether for dating purposes, business networking or even to just get together with other people with similar interests. And the best part: unlike most other social media apps, Chatzoome forces people to get away from their phones and actually engage in conversation. It's a location-based icebreaker app, not another reason for people to hide behind a screen.

Come along and hear from someone who’s experienced the advantages of Chatzoome and lived to tell the tale…

An introduction to Chatzoome. How it came about, what it has been designed to do and how it can enhance your business and the experience for your clients.

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