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Justin East

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About Justin East

Justin East is the Director of Innovation at Merlin Entertainments, the second largest entertainment company in the world. Merlin attractions welcome more than 60 million guests across the corporate portfolio including brands like Madame Tussauds, SEA LIFE, The Dungeons, LEGOLAND, Thorpe Park and the London Eye.

His creations across many brands from LEGOLAND Discovery Centres to Derren Brown’s Ghost Train to Little Big City have shaped Merlin’s success. East has lectured on the anatomy of a theme park at universities and is the author of three books including Clive Pudding and the Signwriters Tale that is loosely biographic of his early life. He participates in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with life performances, produces movies at his own company Split Dog Production, paints portraits and writes country music.

He trained at Kingston University studying Industrial Design and has lived and worked across the globe since for his roles of Group Creative Director at LEGOLAND and Group Creative Director at Merlin Entertainments.

What connects a wax effigy to artificial intelligence? Or fish and chips to aquariums learning to talk? How does ABS plastic lead to living in a LEGO universe?

In this seminar Justin East, Senior Creative Director of Innovation at Merlin Entertainments, undertakes the impossible task of condensing 30 years into 30 minutes to argue why process is the death of true creativity.

In doing so. East offers a powerful examination of innovation, the thinking that stimulates it, and how it comes from people who are engaged, relaxed and enjoy having fun.

The design process he illustrates is as delightful as the entertainment invented from a miniature city to a giant scale LEGO universe.

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