Kazi Hasan & David Hoppe: Speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

Kazi Hasan & David Hoppe


Sustainable Drainage and Flood Risk – Prepared for Planning?

About Kazi Hasan & David Hoppe

Kazi is a Principal Drainage Engineer and is the key point of contact for all drainage related works managed within the company. He is responsible for providing drainage design in support of planning applications, feasibility studies, detailed design, drainage assessments for due diligence and independent review of drainage designs and calculations.

David is GVA’s Flood Risk and Resilience Manager and oversees this specialist area as well as the Sustainable Drainage Team on a national level. He specialises in the preparation of flood risk assessments for planning applications and due diligence purposes and provides flood risk, property level flood protection and flood warning advice.

An update on information requirements for planning applications on Holiday Parks with a particular focus on sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and flood risk. As per the National Planning Policy Framework, the Local Planning Authority is now responsible for ensuring SuDS have been considered in any development proposal at the planning stage and assessing flood risk. Failure to provide adequate details on drainage and flood risk within a planning application will result in a delay or even objection to planning permission. This seminar will provide you with the knowledge to overcome planning constraints on drainage and flood risk.

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