Victoria Rooke: Speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

Victoria Rooke

Magenta Star Ltd

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About Victoria Rooke

Victoria (Tori) prides herself on being a process provider! Her background in Entertainments Management and Marketing for some of UK leading businesses means she has a real eye for infusing both entities. She aims to create impactful processes that allow Leisure and Farm Park clients to implement photography into their attraction, in an entertaining way.

She uses her varied experience within our sector to drive sales for Magenta Stars business partners. Tori specifically looks at the customer journey, operational movement and the importance of engaging staff through training.

She is thrilled to be speaking at the FAE 2018 as she believes photography needs a new lease of life within our industry, as great source of additional revenue for all attractions… are you ready for something new?

Less ‘sales’ and more ‘fun’ please!

Photography isn’t what it used to be. We are shaking things up by finding ways to enhance a customer’s experience. We believe in training staff to be engaging, entertaining and have more fun with it. Our new method of photography is unlocking marketing potential and taking the stress out of additional revenue for our clients. Is adding something new to your attraction a scary thought? Do you think you’ve tried it all before? This seminar could be for you!

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