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Wolfgang Gold

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Boutique Hotels: Just a phase or here to stay

About Wolfgang Gold

Wolfgang Gold has been spent over 28 years in the International Hospitality Trade, from direct customer interaction roles to management, business growth and development responsibility in sales and marketing, accounts, quality evaluation and portfolio expansion. Wolfgang has worked with Scandic Hotels, Best Western, Thistle Hotels, Accor, Wyndham some of the biggest brands in the Hotel Industry

A look at the wide variety of Boutique Hotels and if they are just a trend or here to stay for longer: I am taking a look at the emergence of “Boutique Hotels” and what they have done to the Hotel Industry and if this type of Hotel will stay. Also, I will be looking at what a Boutique Hotel is – a view from the public and the industry. Are there “boutique” hotel brands and if so which are successful?

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