918 Coffee Co

An award winning coffee company with innovation at its core, 918 Coffee Co was formed in 2009 and have been roasting coffees from around the globe to supply consumers throughout the UK from our roastery in Dorset ever since.

We grew the company from our first local customer to the hundreds of customers from across the UK we now supply. We provide high quality Eco Roasted coffees, great value ancillary products and unrivalled customer service. Having owned and managed our own coffee outlets, we understand the importance of high quality reliable suppliers delivering a quality product and service.

Being reactive to the ever changing market, we pride ourselves on our innovation in this industry, having developed trademarked technologies to continually improve the quality of service and product to all our customers.

The EcoRoast Process
Our patented process is outlined below; it is sustainable, environmentally friendly and reduces landfill, solving all of the issues of the current situation.

We use groundbreaking technology to harness the energy from waste coffee products to produce a biomass fuel; which is then used to fuel our unique biomass fuelled Eco Coffee Roaster.

The roaster is a new concept that will uses waste coffee grounds to produce freshly roasted coffee to be consumed, collected and reused - creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly process that can be used by any sized company.

Once our coffee is consumed the coffee grounds are stored for collection. We then deliver fresh coffee and return the waste for processing in to our eco-roast process to begin the cycle all over again. By collecting the waste at the same time as delivering the coffee, we also reduce the amount of carbon that would be generated in the collection of coffee waste to the landfill.

This technology produces deliciously responsible coffee for our customers to enjoy and ensures that we as a company remain WASTE NEUTRAL which makes us one of the most environmentally friendly coffee companies in the world!

We now offer an Eco Roast Franchise! Create your own Eco Roastery with all the equipment and suppliers ready to go! We've done all the hard work for you and we will support you throughout your setup and beyond. Take advantage of this highly regarded brand and start your own franchise today! Not only will you be diverting this valuable asset going to landfills and damaging our environment but you will also save money on your waste and energy bills too! Win/Win!

We have a growing community of Eco Roasters across the Globe, please contact us to find out more and how you can become a part of the Eco Roast Family!



Stand Number: 9-416