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Axtion Technology Ltd ("AxtionTech") supply a wide range of fitness technology and gaming fitness products. Also known as active gaming, exergaming, immersive fitness and interactive fitness, we offer stylish and functional technology products that are fun to play while improving overall health and wellness (reaction time, balance, co-ordination and strengthening all muscle groups). Whether individuals challenge themselves to improve their fitness, or compete against others, most products provide essential feedback through recorded performance scores so improvements can be tracked over time.

We also have a range of products that provide a highly engaging interface for sports training. Our current sports technology products feature interactive training solutions for football and boxing.

Products featured on our stand this year are: SisyFox; iWall; TapWall; and ActionCam

SisyFox Physical Gaming
SisyFox is a multidimensional game controlled by a large stability ball as an input medium. The huge ball connects the real world with the digital world in the most intuitive way. Rotating the ball controls the digital character which is forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill, according to the Greek mythology "Sisyphus".

The SisyFox tablet PC controls various worlds, game variations, the degree of difficulty (including "force feedback"), highscore lists and much more.

iWall Immersive Reaction Wall
The super popular iWall transforms the player's body into a game controller using high quality graphics and engaging interactive games to challenge players to use their body movements and gestures to control gameplay. Suitable for all age groups, the games challenge 1-2 players at a time through exergaming (motivational exercise and physical activity).

The iWall comes with four preloaded games - Parkour, Shadow Master, Space Shooter, and Deepsea Dash. Space Shooter tests the players' upper body endurance, while Shadow Master challenges their body control. Parkour challenges players to race across virtual skyscraper rooftops and find the best route to beat other players. Players can move left or right to avoid obstacles and they can crouch, jump or use zip lines to find the best possible route. Additionally, running in place increases the avatar's speed remarkably, which is the key factor in determining the winner.

TapWall Reaction & Game Wall
TapWall is the next generation in touch reaction games. Using a high resolution screen with accurate touch technology, and integrated display cabinet, the TapWall will draw attention to any facility. This exergaming platform is great for the whole family as a fun, engaging, active game solution. Choose from reaction (speed, agility, coordination) games and educational (memory, sequencing, cognitive).

The games offer instant visual and audio feedback to make the gameplay more engaging. Games can be played by a single player or by more players simultaneously. All games have different difficulty levels and challenge the players to use their upper body. Screen Play area is 57" wide x 33" high.

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