Bundle Beds

Bundle Beds are the beginning of a Bundle Revolution, which started out in the sleeping department, or more accurately, the sleepover department! For many years the only solution for sleepovers, camping and adventures was to take a mass of bulky or uncomfortable sleeping equipment which collectively never really managed to deliver a great night's sleep. We decided to change that...

Bundle Beds is the future of sleeping over, sleeping out, camping and adventures. Our mission is to deliver the best night's sleep, anywhere!

Whether friends are having a sleepover or a family are off camping, whether a fellow student is crashing at your place or friends are off on an adventure together - Bundle Beds aim to deliver a great night's sleep, anywhere!

A Bundle Bed is a self-contained, fully-bundled bed, complete with a slim, but deceptively-comfortable self-inflating mattress, built in luxury duvet and pillow with ultra cosy sheets to provide comfort, warmth and a great night's sleep.


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