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Heating hot tubs faster, and reducing energy costs is the central theme of Bowman's stand at Holiday Park & Resort Innovation 2018.
Hot tubs are now a 'must have' facility for Holiday Park Owners. They are one of the most searched for features when guests are making accomodation reservations.
However, they can also create problems due to the amount of time required to heat up - often far too long for holiday Parks under pressure at guest changeover periods.
Bowman have come up with a solution that enables operators to heat there tubs much faster using an external heat source, such as a gas or biomass boiler. The system is based around a Bowman EC 80 heat exchanger which is used as the interface between the hot tub and the boiler water circuits. The spa control unit is retained to control the boiler heating system and the heat up are dramatically reduced, compared to electic heating.
Tests carried out by an independent hot tub installer achieved heat up times of just 3 to 4 hours, using ambient temperature water in the tubs. However, if preheated water is used, this can be reduced to under one hour.
During the exhibition, Bowman will be giving a presentation on this new heating approach in conjunction with Chris Brady of 1 Stop Spas, one of the UK's leading providers and installers of hot tubs and spas.
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