Easy Petrol Post Driver

A commercial grade machine designed to knock any profile post into the ground; maximum capacity of 4` round diameter. Suitable for any post type, including wood, metal and plastic. The high impact hammer action of 1720 BPM will drive a post into the ground quickly & easily, with the power pack being the ultra-reliable Honda GX35T 4-Stroke Engine.
All components are manufactured in Australia and the UK from high quality precision machined materials, to give the longest tool life possible.
• Suitable for 10mm - 100mm diameter
• 3 year warranty*
• Weight 15.3kg
• Portable; no pipes or generators needed
• Minimises damage to the ground from heavy machinery

Timber Posts
Metal Posts & Clip Systems
Plastic Posts
Steep ground
Inaccessible locations
Wet ground
Woodland & Conservation sites
Fencing & Contracting
Deer & Game fencing
Rodent fencing
Nurseries - tree & plant support
Farming & Smallholdings
Marquees & Festivals
Construction & Roadways
Soil Sampling
Bore Holes
Pontoons & Docks



Stand Number: 10-801