Galaxy Multi Rides

We have been manufacturing inflatable and interactive mechanical action games and attractions for 30 years. We are one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of interactive inflatable and mechanical games and attractions in the industry. We manufacture all of our products in our own factories with facilities both in the UK and USA. Our own in house design team create innovative 3D render designs.

A Galaxy INFLATAPARK is one giant interconnected inflatable attraction that contains multiple inflatable games and interactive mechanical attractions, that all the family can enjoy.

Our innovative custom designs, are manufactured using the highest quality materials and the very latest technology. Any shape, any size, any colour. Galaxy can design, manufacture and install an INFLATAPARK in your location.

Custom designs with multiple options to suit your space and budget.
Just go inflatable, choose from a wide range of inflatable games to create your own unique design.

Add an interactive mechanical attraction, from the best selling 8 player sweeper game Toxic Meltdown® to the dual lane giant incline treadmill Adrenalator®. Galaxy manufacture a wide range of attractions that will have your customers coming back for more.
Offer your customers a timed challenged, we can integrate interactive sensors and giant stop-clocks and scoreboards to any inflatable or mechanical attraction.

Production Features
Superior construction with top grade Fire Retardant vinyl. Fully compliant with EN14960 and PIPA manufacturing standards
Seam protectors
Reinforced corner stress points with glue strips
All inflatable modules are connected together via our sandwich interlocking Velcro and laced grommet strips that eliminate joint failure.

Eliminate down time and protect your investment
We have designed a range of protective, replaceable cover sheets for heavy wear areas, these can be easily swapped out when the original cover sheet wears out. The cover sheets protect the main inflatable cushion thus minimising the need for repairs or replacement.
All inflatable obstacles and pop-up features are designed with protective replacement vinyl covers. These areas are subject to heavy wear, the protective covers are easily interchanged when the wear out.

"Replace a Module". The replacement modules are simple inflatable beds that will slot into the space of any inflatable module that needs to be repaired. This allows you to keep the park open and operating whilst the damaged attraction is being repaired.

Games and attractions
Mega Slides
Challenging Obstacle Courses
Interactive inflatables
Sports themed games
Inflatable Climbing Walls
Fitness Zones
Unique safe toddler play zones
Electronic competitive games
Ninja Zones
Moon Bouncers
Mechanical Action games
Toxic Meltdown®
Toxic Twister®

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