Green 4

Green 4 provides a single platform, CRM driven solution to leisure, visitor attractions and entertainment organisations. Green 4 believe that a data driven approach to Ticketing improves customer relationships through greater insight and a better customer experience.

The Go solution from Green 4 is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Completely driven by Go's CRM engine, Go Ticketing gives users ultimate control and gives the customer an improved experience. Instant access to all data is available within CRM, giving you greater insight to formulate your marketing strategy and allowing for effective, targeted and personalised communications.

Go will give you better control of your business operations, greater business intelligence and the ability to channel this into effective short-term customer engagement and long-term loyalty.

- Targeted and personalised marketing
- Engagement with your customers
- Improved customer experience
- Increased revenue
- Reduced cost of multiple contracts and complex integrations
- Scalable to embrace 'big data'
- GDPR Compliant

Stand Number: 9-622