Il Gelato di Ariela

Il Gelato di Ariela is committed to supply food businesses with the most authentic Artisan Gelato to be found outside of Italy.
Using only the best natural ingredients and following a 50 year old family recipe, Il Gelato di Ariela will bring the true taste of Italy to customers throughout the UK.
A passion which, by chance, became a business makes it so that the quality of our product is the most important aspect of the business, we are still our first customers and only sell what we are personally proud of.
Our customer service is probably as important and is second to none! We are dedicated wholesalers so we will endeavour at all time to make sure your freezers are always fully stocked and that all our customers' needs are met in a timely manner.
Furthermore, to complement our product and as an extra service, we also supply the highest quality waffle cones, cups, spoons, sauces, toppings, point of sale material or anything else needed for the efficient sale of Gelato.
If an authentic, delicious, award winning product is what your business needs, then we'll set you up before you can say Gelato!

Stand Number: 10-522