Inspired Energy plc

Inspired Energy plc is one of the UK`s leading energy consultancies who can help commercial, industrial and public sector consumers optimise the value of every pound spent on utilities. We do this through a range of solutions aimed at lowering utility bills and futureproofing organisations against rising energy costs and changes in legislation.
As an independent consultancy, we`ve got the strategic brains and technical expertise to solve just about any utility challenge you care to throw at us, regardless of your business size or complexity.

We understand that rising energy costs form a constant challenge for the leisure sector. Identifying and capturing any opportunities for savings and efficiencies are essential. From securing the best supply contracts to mitigating rising non-commodity charges to complying with growing legislative standards, we have the expertise and track record to help your business.

Short Description of products:

Procurement - Achieve Controlled Costs

 Risk Management Strategy Development
 Contract Tendering
 Fixed Price Solutions
 Flexible, Risk Managed Solutions
 EU Compliant Procurement
 Market Research and Intelligence

Bureau Services - Enhanced Utility Spend Insight

 Data Management
 Bill Validation
 Cost Recovery
 Accounts Payable Services
 Change of Occupancies
 Payment Reminders and Disconnections
 Tenant Billing
 Budgeting, Accruals and Forecasting Reporting

Software Services - Superior Data Visibility

 Online Utility Reporting Platforms
 Management Information

Monitoring & Targeting - Turning Analysis into Action

 Profile Data Alerts
Supply Chain Management - Effective Contract Performance
 Meter Site Operations
 Metering Solutions
 MOP Management
 Distribution Infrastructure Charging Reviews

Legislative Compliance - Managing Risk, Reputation and Regulation

 ISO 50001
 GHG Reporting

Optimisation Services - Transforming Energy Expense into an Asset

 Self-Generation Schemes
 Energy Site Audits
 Water Efficiency Programs
 Energy Efficiency Programs
 Demand Side Management
 Revenue Recovery Audit

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Stand Number: 10-621