Kanopeo GmbH

Leading edge Swiss manufactured continuous belay systems

Swiss engineered and manufactured technology for the aerial adventure industry. Inventor of Saferoller®, the world's first rolling continuous belay system. Producer of the innovative Speedrunner® Kanhook continuous belay system. Installed in over 700 trails in 450 adventure parks spanning 56 countries across 5 continents.
Both systems meet the rigorous demands of operators worldwide. They are specifically designed to increase user throughput rates as much as 25% and decrease operating costs. All of our hardware meets all European and American safety standards.
We manufacture and supply all hardware, equipment and technology necessary to build your custom aerial adventure.
Designers of ultra efficient aerial adventure experiences. Create your custom design with Kanopeo's experienced team. Harness the power of Swiss technology with the Saferoller® & Speedrunner® continuous belay systems. www.kanopeo.com


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