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The new and evolutionary range of MultiBlaze fire extinguishers improve safety, reduce costs and are environmentally friendly:

Improve Safety
• The MultiBlaze Fire Extinguisher can be used on all 4 types of major fire (A, B, F and Electrical) - removing any doubt and saving precious time lost due to hesitation.
• MultiBlaze is easy and safe to operate even for a first-time user, no training is necessary.

Reduce Costs
• MultiBlaze has 4 times the life expectancy of a traditional extinguisher.
• Fewer extinguishers are needed as one extinguisher deals with 4 fire types.
• No servicing (domestic units) or less servicing (commercial units) required.
• Residue is wiped away with water - no damage caused.

Decrease Carbon Foot Print
• Extinguishing agent is non-toxic and biodegradable.
• Container can be disposed of in household waste (domestic units) or recycled (commercial units).

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