Miniport Electric Ships Ltd

Our Miniport electric hire boats are reliable, durable and superbly designed for hassle free and profitable boat hire businesses. We designed our own, for our Portsmouth boat hire business, when we could find nothing else which could cope with a windy, busy salt water pond, excited customers, and a very long working day.

Above all, the ships look fantastic - we see children physically dragging their parents down to the pond quite regularly! We still work closely with our original venues in Portsmouth, and now concentrate on making fleets of boats for other boat hire or theme park venues.


Because we use our own product, we know it really does the job. We also make a range of accessories, and have a reputation as a genuine 'one stop shop' in helping you set up your boat hire facility. Do have a look at our website for details of the range of ships and accessories.

07788 412562

Stand Number: 950