Molly Limpet's Theatrical Emporium Ltd

Molly Limpet`s Theatrical Emporium Ltd has been designing and manufacturing magical, fairytale, pantomime and family-themed costumes since 2001 for clients across the UK and Ireland and, more recently, overseas. As a unique business with over 30,000 bespoke garments in our hire collection we understand the unique needs of our clients in our approach to costume design.

Our company has two distinct client bases:

1. Those who wish to hire individual or sets of costumes for a production;

2. Those who wish to have costumes designed and made for purchase.

Some clients use both options as there are benefits to each: if your productions change each season, then our extensive hire stock will adapt with you; if you produce many similar shows or tour the same production for extended periods then our costumes will last year-on-year.

Thousands of examples of our creations can be viewed in our Sheffield studio, or visit our website and social media channels to see the vibrancy and creativity of what we produce each day.

0114 2500851

Stand Number: 9-214