Noble Green Energy

Noble Green Energy is a renewable and energy saving specialist providing a nationwide, full turnkey service. Investment in renewable solutions will help reduce energy costs and improve green credentials. Our solutions include solar PV, battery storage, biomass boilers and LED lighting using only Tier 1 products to ensure that our installations are of an exceptional standard,

Solar PV. Despite the reduction in the Feed-in Tariff, solar continues to be a good investment. Annual returns of between 10-16% are still achievable with payback periods of around 7 years. They are low maintenance, generate an income through the Feed-in Tariff for 20 years and guard against electricity price increases.

Battery Storage. Store surplus energy generated from a solar PV system during the day for use when needed such as during the evening. Storage reduces dependency on the National Grid to meet energy needs.

Biomass Boiler. A carbon neutral process, biomass efficiently utilises waste wood into heat energy. It can reduce energy bills alongside generating an additional income through the Government funded Renewable Heat Incentive. Energy produced by biomass is exempt from the climate change levy (CCL).

LED Lighting. A low energy solution, LEDs create electricity savings of between 55-90%. They produce very little carbon emissions, are low maintenance, produce almost zero UV emissions, are non-toxic and generate very little heat.

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