Park Leisure Solutions Ltd

Park Leisure Solutions are experts in the wet leisure industry and have over twenty years of experience supplying, installing and servicing their range of Spas and innovative heating system. Providing prestige North American built Spas with state of the art renewable energy heating solutions for both commercial and domestic Swim Spas, Spas and Hot Tubs. Working closely with Canadian manufacturer, Sunrise Spas, Park Leisure Solutions comprehensive range of Spas are built to the highest commercial standards providing durable, quality Spas and Hot Tubs, that boast superior craftsmanship and luxury at an affordable price. Maximizing your Spa experience while minimizing your maintenance cost.

Whether you're looking for entertainment or quiet solitude, Park Leisure Solutions has a hot tub for you! With a wide selection of models to choose from, their Swim Spas, Spas and Hot Tubs offer something for everyone. All Park Leisure Solutions spas are manufactured with only premium quality materials and have an extensive range of high-end features. Hydrotherapy massage jets help relieve pain and tension associated with everyday life, while beautiful lighting and built-in sound systems can set the mood while you soak.

Park Leisure Solutions are also pushing the boundries to ensure maximum safety on water chemistry for each customer and ease of maintenance, offering the new Chlorogene tablets, which when added to the spas prior drain down, is the only product on the market that kills all biocides and legionella that may still be in the spa. This makes sure when the spa is drained after the tablet is added, the spa can be drained with the knowledge any customer is getting into a safe spa environment.

Climacube - New Money Saving Industry Innovation
Spa Heat, is the latest product innovation from Park Leisure Solutions for the spa industry. With their unrivalled experience installing Swimheat system for swimming pools the company has now designed and manufactures the very latest heating technology for any Swim Spa, Spa or Hot Tub. Spa Heat offers the very latest energy saving heat technology, dramatically reducing running costs, increasing customer usage, reducing the carbon footprint and enabling you to use your Spa or Swim Spa or Hot Tub all year round, at your desired temperature without the concern of cost
The Spa Heat system is designed to be integrated into any Spa and will negate the use or expense any existing electric element. The spa will work in exactly the same way but by introducing the Spa Heat system you will have the benefit of heating the spa using clean, green energy. All spa manufacturers have different build qualities and insulation methods, which actually affect the overall running costs, which means that some spas cost more than others to run. However, because the Spa heat technology works 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with a fraction of the power consumption needed to run a conventional 3KW electrical spa heater, the savings and owner benefits are outstanding.

Climacube - Key Benefits

•The Climacube system is designed to be added to any make of Spa.
•Eco-friendly and negates the use of hot filling from Gas.
•No need for extra electrical elements adding to the feed to the Spa.
•Less than 1KW input with a 5-7KW output.
•Can be used in conjunction with our 2KW electrical element for quick heat up, but maintain the temperature throughout the working week to reduce running costs.
•Can be used as the Spas only source of heating (depending on Spa model)
•Easy fitting
•Small and compact power unit
•The most efficient, quickest and cheapest way of heating Spa water

Nationwide Service and Supply
Park Leisure Solutions are confident that not only will they deliver excellent customer service and products but they can also supply all the encompassing services for their customers, nationwide.

These services include:
•A full chemical range including bromine and mineral frogs
•Full parts listing from pumps, jets, lights, control panels, for all new and existing spas.
•Full spa filter range for all new and existing Spas
•Full range of Palintest equipment and reagents

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