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The PEL Waste Reduction Equipment SolarStreetBinTM incorporates an on-board solar powered motorised compaction system which increases the bins` litter holding capacity by up to x10. The use of a standard wheelie bin means that existing collection vehicles can service the bin rather than a need for any specialist equipment and the x10 capacity significantly reduces the number of visits required to service the bin. An integrated wireless bin-fill sensor allows litter levels within the bin to be monitored and the technology sends out an alert when a bin needs to be emptied. This monitoring and alert capability lets council and local authority customers focus their litter collection resources on only those bins which require servicing thus increasing the overall efficiency of the collection service. Additional benefits offered by SolarStreetBinTM include an improvement on general street hygiene standards through eliminating overflowing bins, a reduction in collection vehicle traffic and associated C02 emissions whilst cutting litter collection service costs without any compromise on the quality of that service.

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