Peregrine Creative Group

Peregrine Creative Group

Providers of slush yards, cups, bottles and straws, manufactured in Europe.

Most consumer food and beverage packaging is bland. It doesn't have to be. We strive to provide eye-catching designs and innovation. Why not create a cup that can hold two different types of drink? What if a straw could change colour as you use it? We redefine by redesign. A cup is not just a cup. A straw is not just a straw.

We bring your ideas to life with a focus on quality, creativity and design. Manufactured in Europe, we ensure that all products are of the highest possible quality, from the design stage right through to the end consumer, ensuring that all your marketing needs aren't just met, but exceeded.

As one of the leaders in innovation and product design, our goal is to create original and eye-catching packaging, that is of the highest quality, whilst also ensuring to minimise the impact on the environment. As a green company, we firmly believe in ensuring that every stage of the process is as environmentally friendly as possible, from the manufacturing process itself, through to the final product and materials used.

A small example of just some of our products include the Tango Ice-blast Twister Cup found in cinemas, theme parks and holiday centres across the continent, and the iconic Slush Puppie Bone-Cup.

Stand Number: 9-428