Proleski UK & Europe

Indoor skiing, cycling, running, walking, skating and wheeling sports machines for individual and group sports fitness, learning and entertainment.

They enable people to enjoy their activity sport in any urban or resort location, independent of climate, season, weather, and daylight.

Our machines have digital motors that revolve the sports surface, and that alter the surface vertical uphill and downhill gradients, and tilting horizontal sideways balance. They replicate the speed and gravity forces of sporting activities experienced on outdoor tracks, roads, hills and mountains. They allow you to use your own equipment, such as sharp edged waxed skis, road bikes, running shoes and wheelchairs, so your setup is the same as being outdoors.

The digital controls mean that they are ideal for all levels of physical ability and sport experience from novice to performance athlete. We in-build self-learning, and confidence building features for accelerated learning; and machines are particularly useful for people with disabilities such as visual impairment.

We are delighted to introduce our Multi-Sensory 4-D Activity Experience Solution option.

This solution includes a huge cinema screen facing the athletes on the sports machine deck. The cinema replays a specially recorded sporting activity, `stamped` with corresponding speed, vertical gradient, and horizontal tilt gradient data. This data enables the machine operator to control the functionality of the sports deck to simulate the activity.

People using the indoor sports machine are fully immersed into the sporting activity, including stunning HD video and stereo sound, with corresponding forces of speed, acceleration, deceleration, vertical gravity, and sideways balance gravity.

Customers fully enjoy the sights, sounds, physical exertion, and mental decision making of a recorded activity session, such as: skiing an alpine resort piste; running or wheeling a speed, distance or cross event; cycling a Tour stage; or skating a championship Nordic track.

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