Rock and Roll Bingo

Here's how it works: Instead of your boring old numbers being called out in a normal game of bingo, we`ve replaced them with 15-20 seconds bursts of the most toe-tappin`, bum wigglin` sing along songs from the past and present!. It's goes down a storm! And is the fastest growing quiz game in the UK.

The numbers on the bingo cards have also been replaced with artists and song name. So with your bingo card in hand and your dabber on standby, listen out for the songs being played and mark them off as you would a normal game of bingo.

Fully bespoke games and branded tickets available to fit in with your existing entertainments, so whether it's a 90's revival or a Disney Princes Party we have something to fit.

Rock and Roll Bingo is a unique piece of entertainment, a fantastically fun and family friendly game that has a proven track record of increasing sales, whether wet, food or the additional revenue of ticket sales.

Stand Number: 416