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SB International is a Swedish company that is globally known as a premier supplier of reliable interactive kiddie rides. All manufacturing is made in Sweden and since 1980 we have delivered top quality miniature vehicles of different kinds. Vehicles that are interactive and fun, but also gives that extra dimension of pride in doing something for real. Many of our customers take this one step further building it into an educational theme like the `Children's Driving School`.

We manufacture products for the below five concepts and are specialists in doing custom design projects to adapt the concept to a certain theme.

This attraction is based on the idea of creating a miniature traffic environment in which children can learn and practice essential traffic skills. The concept combines practicality with fun and truly incorporates learning aspects. Add that extra dimension by theming the track with authentic road signs, traffic lights and road marks, and take the opportunity to teach basic traffic safety before the kids enter the track.

Installed at large and small amusement parks all over the world it is a timeless ride that always is one of the most popular among children. There are two different types of vehicles and several different designs to choose from. We can also custom design for your particular theme.

The mini digger is a true attention grabber! It`s exceptionally interactive and in any environment it always gains interest and triggers that desire to play, explore and learn. We have collaborated with VOLVO on the design and with its true excavator appearance and visible hydraulic system, it really stands out among other attractions. Our digging concept it is normally arranged in a cluster of 2-4units where the diggers stand on a platform with a fenced sandpit two dig in. The mini digger pivots back and forth, and hydraulic cylinders are controlled by a corresponding lever. Children turn into equipment operators and they really dig it!

The lower age groups are the target market of all our products. However, kids of all ages will want to test their skills on the mini digger. Small kids are easily assisted by parents either standing beside the digger or sitting behind. This is probably the most diverse products we offer and it has been delivered globally to a range of different amusement facilities such as theme parks, fairgrounds, family farms, zoos, camping facilities, hotels, and shopping centers. At any location, it will quickly become a favorite attraction.

Built on the same ideas of kids love for driving. we also provide miniature tractors with the same technology as the cars. The Children`s Farm concept gives children a chance to play at farming almost for real. Use an open area or loop course, and theme it with farm-related characteristics of your preference. The tractors can be fitted with a trolley or other accessories associated with farming.

Our tractors look nice and do well in any many environments. It has been delivered to all kinds of amusement facilities but with the typical setting be a family farm, zoo or campsite.

Our racing vehicle is designed for amusement facilities that have a racing theme and need an attraction also for the youngest. With a course themed with racing attributes, children can race each other and boost that competitive desire. At safe speeds!

The racing vehicle is a great attraction that suits all environments. It has primarily gained interest from facilities such as racing tracks, car-themed amusement parks, and go-kart facilities, but will no matter the setting be a top choice among the children.

Widely known as the ride `Boating School`, our battery operated boats are exclusively designed for amusement parks. The boats are stable, durable and operate at a low speed enabling children to be safe captains. The boats can either be used in an open water area or navigate through a course often designed as a loop. Both layouts will create a smooth and exciting experience for the entire family.

Loading can take place at a regular dock, but for parks that want a more efficient and steady-paced attraction, we offer a conveyor system that simplifies loading and off-loading. By lifting and moving the boats forward at a slow steady pace it makes this process safe, convenient and efficient. We have delivered the boating concept to both large and small amusement parks. The natural or man-made body of water can be scaled to fit your needs. We can also adapt the design to a particular theme if desired.

Looking for something different? We are experts on customization and love turning your vision into reality. Over the years, special designs have been created ranging from new car models to movie and cartoon characters.

Creating a special vehicle and combining it with a nicely themed environment will make your attraction stand out among the others and generate not only repeat customers but that word of mouth phenomenon that builds your invaluable reputation. If you are interested in custom design, let us know and we will tell you more. Your vision is our mission!

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