Segway UK

Segway transporters are utilised in a growing number of markets around the UK, from Leisure and Adventure, to Farming and Security.

The increasing popularity of a growing range of personal transportation products from Segway is attributed to the patented Dynamic Stabilisation technology at the centre of each unit. This technology provides unsurpassed manoeuvrability and stability across a wide range of terrains.

The Leisure and Adventure market has seen great ROI from their investment in the Segway X2 unit especially, providing their visitors with an exciting mode of transport around the theme parks, adventure scapes and holiday camps. Segway offers leisure and adventure operators a point of difference with a highly unique product offer.

The Segway Tour & Segway Adventure market is also growing in popularity on private land, offering customers an exciting and unique experience.

As a leader in two-wheeled electric mobility, it's always been Segway's vision to produce environmentally friendly short-distance transportation alternatives. Today, more and more people are using Segway as an eco-friendly alternative mode of transport.

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