mudcontrol INB slabs are heavy-duty, totally inert & stable, 100% recycled plastic slabs to make an instant strong interlinked flooring without sub-base for any area which gets muddy. They don't flex, & will stay on top of the mud. For vehicle (including HGVs and tractors - our slabs have been tested to over 60 tonnes!), human and animal traffic. 20 year guarantee as standard.
All you do is level the area if necessary and lay the slabs. Very quick and easy, no moving parts, the tabs on every side slot into the gaps on the sides of adjacent slabs. Child's play to lay.
Grass will grow back up through the holes disguising the slabbed area. Ideal for parking areas, pathways, tracks, protecting the grass and subsoil wherever you need it.
Our slabs won't flex or sink, an instant solution to your outdoor flooring problem!

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