Training 4 Resilience

We believe that in an emergency, people make the difference. Competent individuals, who know and understand what each others roles and responsibilities are; who trust each others decisions; and who work together as a team will deliver the best possible outcome in the event of a crisis or emergency.

Guidance documents highlight how important it is to put together emergency plans, with support from the Local Authorities and other Stakeholders, and to ensure that the relevant management structures are put in place to implement these plans. However the critical element is to make sure that everyone involved knows and understands the plans; and that the plans are workable and fit for purpose.

And that's where we come in. Training 4 Resilience (T4R) provide organisations, venues and events with tabletop exercises, training and aide memoirs to ensure you are fully prepared in the event of an emergency or crisis.

A tabletop exercise enables teams to work through a series of scenarios to determine how they would manage the situation, ideally using the extant plans (although tabletop exercises can also be used to develop plans and procedures). We are renowned for delivering high quality, realistic scenarios that have been thoroughly researched, and are both timely and relevant; and at the end of a T4R session teams feel more confident to discharge their obligations.

We also provide training sessions for teams covering a wide range of resilient topics, including how to make decisions in a crisis; how to set up and run an effective event control facility; and effective log keeping. We also provide Steward Training for volunteer stewards for a number of festivals in the UK and Europe using our virtual classroom environment.

In addition we work with clients to develop documentation and aide memoirs to ensure that everyone understands what they need to do in the event of a situation arising, and have the key information at their fingertips.

It is our privilege to work with a range of different clients - including household names in the music and festival industry; premier level sports clubs and events; and international events viewed by millions around the world. But we are equally at home supporting our smaller clients - local Community Groups, schools and small public gatherings. We believe that by working together, sharing knowledge and best practice, you can deliver safer, more secure, more resilient events.

We look forward to chatting with you.

Stand Number: 3034