Tropical House Ltd (incorporating

Specialist suppliers of live invertebrate and vertebrate zoological exhibits and professional themers for Zoos, theme parks, museums etc. Large projects include huge walk through aviaries, Scottish wildcat centre, full tropical house, butterfly glass houses etc. Unique approach by team of Zoologists who design and supply projects based on expertise from both display and keeper perspectives. Our concepts are fully fit for purpose and always impress. The dwell time versus spend for the exhibits we install is second to none.
Principle Andrew Stephenson is a world wide authority on Leaf Cutting Ants and is currently involved in projects as far apart as China, USA, South Korea and Paraguay. We supply nearly all of the public displays of social insects currently around the world and have worked in over 50 countries providing this service.
Leaf Cutting Ants are a mainstay display in many public attractions. They can enhance the visitor experience and add a wealth of potential to both casual visitors or organised tours. Our educational theming can supply you with curriculum appropriate signage and printed point of interest graphics as well as hand carved, bespoke rockwork and other theming work. Whether you are looking for caves, trees, full forests, aztec temples, statues, archways, bridges, cliff faces etc etc, we can design and install this in hard, permanent concrete. We have a long history of supplying on time, on budget, innovative displays and have a long list of customer recommendations to back up our confidence.


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