Walker Mowers UK

The Walker Advantage is comprised of seven reasons that add up to make the Walker Mower one of the most productive mowers on the market: Compact, Steering, Balance, Agile, Trimming, Reach and View. The Walker mower is completely original by design and they are "Different for the Right" reason.

Following a two year study in the US professional landscaper arena, an average improved productivity in commercial mowing between 20% - 25% was recorded by operators, which resulted in a reduction in time cutting and trimming resulting in savings on grass maintenance.

The study, conducted by manufacturer Walker Mowers, compared four of their machines against popular competitive products on four typical sites. The report concluded that contrary to popular thinking, the highest ground speed does not mean a higher productivity.
A two-step productivity calculator on their US website (www.thewalkeradvantage.com/calculator) invites commercial mower operators to take a look for themselves, by entering typical weekly hours, number of weeks per year spent mowing and their average hourly rate. The online calculator asks the user to select the machine they currently use or the most comparable one from the list of many top brands. Instantly the result is calculated, showing the percentage of productivity increase, the weekly time saved, typical annual increased revenue throughout the year and all importantly the increase in revenue the contractor can expect during the anticipated number of years the machine is kept.
Walker Mowers UK - offer a no obligation demonstration, to show the Walker Advantage on your own site.

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